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Our Story

Hi friends!
I’m Wee Theng, and I love truffle fries, pizzas, and healthy living hehe.

Healthy living to me is:

An active lifestyle (I work out every day), and a balanced diet (I eat anything but my meals MUST come with veggies always). And part of having a balanced diet means being okay with caving in to midday munchies and satisfy guilty cravings.

It all started when I found out that I’ll have to deal with some pesky condition for my whole life (perhaps), and the best way to take care of it is to watch my diet.

Because of this pesky condition, I started researching and grew a passion for understanding what’s on my plate, what nutrients they provide, what nutrients/vitamins I need, etc. It was truly empowering to feel the difference in my body and the new found vitality when I paid more attention to what I eat during meals, and when I’m feeling snacky.

And the inspiration came! I created health.ily out of a personal desire to snack health.ily.

I want to help people who aspire to eat better but couldn’t seem to get down to it, whatever the reason may be. In Singapore, choosing healthier options means more expensive and less accessible. But it doesn’t have to be that way with health.ily cause ily so I’ll help you HEHE 😉

And now, I’m on a quest to unify the cleanest snacks on the planet to bring to you guys. No refined sugar, weird chemicals, preservatives or redundant additives.

Everything here is what I would eat. So rest assure that all products here are clean and full of great ingredients. I won’t recommend something I won’t eat 😉

If you know anyone who can benefit from health.ily, let them know about us! We’re all about serving our community better 🙂 Support local so we can go global!

Thanks y’all!

Wee Theng