Freeze Dried Durian (25g)


Product description

So amazing that even non-durian lovers enjoyed this! And it’s all natural!


100% Durian


Why it’s good for you?

Readily on-the-go and without the mess! You can:

1) Stock them up for travelling
2) Smuggle into the cinema (don’t say we say one ah)
3) Trick your kids into getting their fiber
4) Feed them to your pets (please consult your vet being doing so!)
5) Not have to carry a bunch of broccoli out for a picnic

Such a bang for your buck – it retains most of its nutritional benefits, lightweight, resealable, and so yummy. You won’t regret it.

How to eat?

  • We love it just plain out of the bag!
  • If you’re feeling fancy, try topping them on yogurt and smoothie bowls for added crunch!

Gracious Goodness prides itself for its 100% natural, no added sugar, and no added nonsense freeze-dried products.

All fruits and vegetables are sourced in Thailand.


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