Organic Omega Sacha Seeds, Roasted & Unsalted (100g)


Product description

Omega Sacha Seeds (or Sacha Inchi Seeds) may look & taste like nuts, but they are not nuts! They are seeds, albeit large seeds, of the Sacha Inchi plant.

This nutrient-dense superfood has impressive nutritional quality, with more Omega 3, protein (with all 9 essential amino acids) and dietary fiber than any other nut!


100% Organic Sacha Inchi Roasted Seeds


Why it’s good for you?

  • Sacha seeds reduce risk of heart-related diseases and help in maintaining healthy cholesterol ratio while lowering the risk of type-II diabetes. An excellent source of complete protein, sacha seeds are also rich in iron which help provide oxygen towards muscle contraction and relaxation.
  • They encourage proper circulation of blood to the brain, improving cognitive functions, brain disorders and stabilises mood – contribute to a sense of well-being by reducing the risk of depression, fatigue, memory issues.
  • Being rich in vitamins A and E means that sacha seeds help maintain good vision and overall eye health. They also have all the minerals necessary for bone growth and strength, and help with calcium absorption improving bone density and strength. By locking in moisture in both skin and hair, sacha seeds maintain skin elasticity too.
  • They help combat damage caused by environmental free radicals, thus preventing serious illnesses.

How to eat?

1) Eat these crunchy delights out of the bag, just like nuts!

2) Add them to salads, oatmeal, trail mix, yogurt, and granola!

Nature’s Superfoods believes in building long lasting good health through 100% natural, organic and nutrient-rich whole foods. Much effort is invested into the sourcing of wholesome and minimally processed ingredients globally so that consumers are able to consume high quality organic foods on a daily basis without burning a hole in their pocket!


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