Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes (150g)


These 100% nutritional yeast flakes have a cheesy and nutty taste, and are free from common food allergens such as dairy, soy, nuts and wheat/gluten.

Nutritional yeast is one of the most nutritious, versatile and tastiest vegan seasoning or condiment! Take note though, most nutritional yeast found in the market are loaded with synthetic B-vitamins unlike our Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes, which are 100% natural!



100%  Primary Inactive Yeast


Why it’s good for you

  • Rich in Vitamin B-complex, including the much-coveted Vitamin B12, which are usually from animal sources. So it’s especially beneficial for vegans/vegetarians!


  • Our bodies cannot produce the complete protein (9 essential amino acids) that we can get from consuming nutritional yeast, plus it’s easily digestible!


  • Immune building and anti-viral properties make nutritional yeast great for kids and during pregnancy!

How to eat?

1) Add into savoury meals (like prorride), gravy or sauce!

2) Sprinkle on top of meals (like pasta) – great substitute for cheese!

3) Sprinkle on popcorn for a healthy, cheesy treat for kids!

High temperatures may destroy some of its health benefits. So we recommend stirring/topping them only just before serving.

Nature’s Superfoods believes in building long lasting good health through 100% natural, organic and nutrient-rich whole foods. Much effort is invested into the sourcing of wholesome and minimally processed ingredients globally so that consumers are able to consume high quality organic foods on a daily basis without burning a hole in their pocket!


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